Design Resources

Reference tools to make your job easier.  If you don’t find it here, please send us a note and we’ll do our best to get you what you need.

Environmental Logos

Tell your story with environmental logos. What they all mean and how to use them.

Sustainable Beauty, Defined

Elevate your beauty brand and meet the demand for quality and eco-friendly elegance.

The Art of Paper

Showcase of projects produced with Monadnock printing or packaging paper 

Make a Statement with Sustainability

Make sustainability a fashion statement.

Green My Grocery

You don’t need styrene, PVC or vinyl in your aisles or your waste stream.

Monadnock University

Sustainable material choices on campus show students you share their values.

Scoring and Folding

Performance Board

Scoring and folding guidelines for converting Envi Performance Board.

Design Organizations

Find prominent organizations that support the world of graphic design.

Glossary of Paper Terms

From A to Z, a glossary of paper terms used throughout the industry.

Single Image

Matt Lester
Explore higher education marketing with a collection of photographs and thoughts from Matthew Lester.

How to Acclimate Paper

nature book spread

Acclimating paper for the press room for optimum performance on press.

A Field Guide

nature book spread

Valuable information about eco-friendly, efficient, and effective print and packaging.

Designing for Print

Print activates the senses, increasing retention and emotional responses. 

Santulan Portfolio

A fictitious brand we created to delight and inspire you.

Masters of Design

This promotional series and podcast explores the work of iconic graphic designers.