Single Image

A journal of best practices in print design.

As social media and online marketing continue to fill the inboxes and browsers of consumers, companies are recognizing that print communications have never been more valuable. Design firms, agencies, photographers and premium printers are helping enlightened corporations and nonprofits succeed through well-crafted and highly targeted print campaigns.

Complementing online marketing and social media, these campaigns take advantage of the tactile appeal and enduring reader engagement of print. In this edition of Single Image, we explore higher education marketing with a collection of photographs and thoughts from Matthew Lester.



We’re offering a beautiful print demonstration highlighting Matt’s work on Monadnock’s Fine Printing Papers.

In this second volume of Single Image we created a self-cover, saddle stitched book on Astrolite Silk 100 lb. cover, with intricate folds, die cuts, foils, touch plates and an emboss. You’ll love the bold use of PMS colors!

There are three photographic crossovers that demanded meticulous attention in pre-press…the printer was definitely up to the challenge and knocked it out of the park!

Fine printing paper is never “just white.” You’ll see for yourself as you compare photographic reproductions of Matt’s images on Brilliant White Astrolite®, Bright White Astrolite PC 100®, Mellow White Caress® and Neutral White Dulcet®.