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Acclimating Paper for the Pressroom

June 15, 2015

The chart above indicates reasonable times to acclimate paper to the pressroom’s temperature prior to unwrapping the product for printing. Extremes in relative humidity may cause paper to curl or develop tight or wavy edges, depending on whether the relative humidity is high or low. Monadnock Paper Mills will not accept responsibility for these problems when the pressroom relative humidity is below 35% or above 60%.

*  Determine cubic volume of paper by multiplying length x width x height [in inches] and dividing by 1.728.

* *  The difference between the pressroom temperature and the paper temperature on arrival.

For calculation you may compare the outdoor temperature with the temperature of the room in which the paper will be opened.  The times are the number of hours the paper should stand unopened for its temperature to come into balance with press-room temperature.


Download PDF of the Acclimation Guidelines here.

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Using paper containing recycled fiber made carbon neutral with 100% renewable electricity results in the following impact reductions: Congratulations on the reduced environmental footprint of your project! The impact of your paper choice is equivalent to:

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Pounds of solid waste
not produced

Equivalent to: 0.4 garbage trucks of waste

BTUs of energy
not consumed

Equivalent to: powering 2 homes for a year

Pounds of wood saved

Equivalent to: 388 trees still standing

Net pounds of GHG CO2
not produced

Equivalent to: 4 cars
not driven for a year

Gallons of wastewater
not produced

Equivalent to: 0.27 Olympic swimming pools of water

Pounds of carbon emissions
not produced*

Equivalent to: Emissions produced by 15.8 barrels of oil

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