Perfectly balanced and enduring.
An elegant, balanced, neutral white shade with a velvety smooth finish and is suitable for highly accurate color reproduction, particularly in flesh tones. Dulcet graphic design printing paper was designed for excellent printability and meets ANSI standards for longevity.

Specify Dulcet to reflect the hues of transparent offset inks for long lasting true color reproduction.

Dulcet is available in a range from 80 lb. text to 100 lb. cover.

Product Specifications

This information is presented in good faith for verification and corroboration by the prospective user. No warranty is implied or to be assumed. Caliper is to be used as a guideline only. Unless otherwise indicated, Text and Cover grades are run to weight and finish, not caliper.



Basis Size in Inches Size in Millimeters M
Sheets/ Carton Carton SKU PPI Smoothness Opacity
32/80 lb. / 118  gsm  7601-077 5.0 mils

25 x 38”

28 x 40″

635 x 965

711 x 1016

160 M












32/100 lb. / 148 gsm 7601-096 6.1 mils 25 x 38” 635 x 965 200 M 800 1133 328 85 97
80 lb. / 216 gsm
7611-140 9.3 mils
26 x 40” 660 x 1016 320 M 400 1157 215 85 98
100 lb. / 270 gsm
7611-175 11.9 mils
26 x 40” 660 x 1016 400 M 300 1185 168 85 99



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Made with the environment in mind, Dulcet is Forest Stewardship Council Certified and manufactured carbon neutral (VERs) and we use 100 percent renewable Green-e certified wind powered electricity (RECs) under a third-party certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

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