Astrolite Digital+

for HP Indigo

Astrolite Digital+ is a 17.0 mil uncoated, brilliant white,  high-performance paper with superior formation for excellent photographic art reproduction. It’s ideal for custom greeting cards, art prints and luxury packaging.

You’ll achieve beautiful results with HP Indigo on this deliciously vellum fine printing paper.

Astrolite Digital+ for HP Indigo is optimized for amazing print quality and far exceeds the third-party certification blanket life standard of 12,000 impressions.

This 17.0 mil stock is available in the following sizes: 19 x 13″ | 20.8125 x 29.5″

HP Indigo Certified Media

Product Specifications

Astrolite® Digital+ for HP Indigo


Grade Number Basis Weight (20×26/500) Basis Weight Caliper Brightness (Tappi) Opacity Porosity (Gurley) Smoothness (Sheffield) F/W Stiffness (Gurley) MD/CD Tear MD/CD
lbs gsm mils % % seconds SU GU gf
6190-197 112 C 303 17.0 98 99 20 260 / 220 7800 / 4200 180 / 200



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Astrolite Digital +

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Made with the environment in mind, Astrolite Digital+ for HP Indigo is Forest Stewardship Council Certified and manufactured carbon neutral (VERs) and we use 100 percent renewable Green-e certified wind powered electricity (RECs) under a third-party certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

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Astrolite Digital +

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