Astrolite PC 100® Velvet

A new sustainable line of 100% PCW recycled content, coated fine text and cover papers. Specify Velvet for high-quality graphic reproduction in premium retail, hospitality and corporate marketing communications. Astrolite PC 100 Velvet is made with 100% recycled content. The universal coating and unrivaled formation combine to make this exquisite line of printing papers.

We are keenly aware of the importance of making brands look their best – from an impactful first impression to becoming the most trusted and recognized symbol of quality and sustainability. Specify Astrolite PC 100 Velvet for the most beautiful and sustainable results.

Astrolite PC 100 Velvet is a comprehensive product line of fine printing papers with a luxuriously tactile, velvety coated finish. Available in a range of basis weights from 80 lb. text to 150 lb. single-ply cover. Folio and digital sizes are stocked for your convenience. The universal coated surface is optimized for conventional and UV offset lithographic presses and is 3-star certified to run on HP Indigo presses, Scodix Recommended Media.

New – Astrolite PC 100 Velvet 9 pt. Your search for versatile & sustainable direct mail is over. Now available in 9 pt. to meet the USPS standard for oversized postcards. 

HP Indigo Certified Media

Product Specifications



Basis GSM Caliper* PPI Smoothness Opacity Gloss Brightness Whiteness
(ISO) (ISO 11475)
32/80 lb. 119 4.4 455 40 96.5 35 96 133
100 lb. 148 5.4 370 40 98 35 96 133

*Caliper is to be used as a guideline only. Grades are run to basis weight, not caliper.



Basis GSM Caliper* PPI Smoothness Opacity Gloss Brightness Whiteness
(ISO) (ISO 11475)
65 lb. 176 6.5 307 40 98 35 96 133
80 lb. 216 8.3 241 40 99 35 96 133
9 pt. 253 9.0 222 40 99 35 96 133
100 lb. 270 10.1 198 40 99 35 96 133
120 lb. 324 12.3 163 50 99 35 96 133
130 lb. 352 13.6 147 50 100 35 96 133
150 lb. 406 16.0 125 50 100 35 96 133

*Caliper is to be used as a guideline only. Grades are run to basis weight, not caliper.


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Made with the environment in mind, Astrolite PC 100 Velvet C2S is Forest Stewardship Council Certified and manufactured carbon neutral (VERs) and we use 100 percent renewable Green-e certified wind powered electricity (RECs) under a third-party certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

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You make a difference when you specify our recycled papers. Discover the positive impacts on energy, air, water and waste and create your own Environmental Savings Certificates.

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