A Letter from Richard G. Verney, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

This year, Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. proudly celebrates 200 years of American papermaking. As the oldest continuously operating paper mill in the country, Monadnock has thrived through its focus on disruptive innovation.

As we reflect on our history, it is clear that environmental awareness and sustainability have been instrumental in our success. Coupled with our deep roots in the Bennington, New Hampshire community and the support of generations of dedicated employees, we are as humble as we are proud of our growth and perseverance in the ever-changing paper industry.

While we take this opportunity to celebrate how far we have come, our attention remains on the future of our business and what it will take to succeed in the next 200 years. Our investments in people, technology and intellectual property (IP) will create the necessary momentum to penetrate new markets and reinvigorate existing sales channels. Monadnock’s story is one of creativity and dedication, and I’m pleased to share with you some recent investments in the areas of greatest significance for our future.


Investments in People, Technology and IP

People – This year we have three new Sales & Marketing team members. We also have a new VP of Manufacturing, Bob McDonald.  With such an incredible wealth of industry knowledge, they will help us meet and exceed our aggressive objectives in 2019.

Manufacturing Data Management – With any eye to the future, Monadnock invested in a new data collection/historian system this past year. Implementation is underway with benefits already being realized. Key variables have been tagged for monitoring and more processes are being added daily. This data visibility is allowing our Operations and Engineering Teams to monitor trends and has improved our overall trouble-shooting/problem-solving effectiveness. The system also facilitates real-time monitoring of many aspects of our operations relative to our sustainability objectives.

Color Control – Color consistency is one of our key hallmarks. Monadnock made a significant investment in a new ABB Process Control System with online color measurement and control recognizing that color expectations are continually changing. Monadnock is well prepared for the increasing demand for colors in the art/archival market.

Protēan – Monadnock partnered with HS Manufacturing Group and licensed their bio-based, water resistant and bio-degradable additive and coating technology, Protēan™ (formerly known as Silva®), to replace films and plastics in packaging.



As part of Monadnock’s re-certified ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System impact reduction goals, we realized significant reductions in energy consumption, emissions and costs related to production. Proudly, we also made great strides with an approximate nine percent improvement in our zero-manufacturing waste to landfill objective.

Here are a few projects completed in 2018:

  • Variable Speed Drive Well Pump
  • Compressed Air System Improvements
  • Heat Recovery System from Compressor
  • Insulated Steam/Condensate Pipes

From these projects alone, we achieved electrical savings of 18,626 KWh in 2018 (with an estimated additional 170,625 KWh in 2019) and oil savings of 41,924 gallons in 2018 (with an estimated additional 9,475 gallons in 2019). Our reduction of CO2E emissions (calculated from carbonfootprint.com) in 2018 equates to 898,121 pounds.

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded Monadnock a Certificate of Recognition for active participation in motor system audits conducted as a part of their Motor Systems Market Assessment.

Monadnock also continues to participate in voluntary EPA programs to track and improve environmental performance as a Green Power Leader, WasteWise Partner and SmartWay Transport Partner.


Our Future

Through our unwavering commitment to our workforce, innovation and sustainability, we are well positioned for future growth over the next 200 years