In today’s retail landscape, gift cards are a popular staple of modern shopping experiences for busy consumers. However, this convenience comes at a considerable environmental cost. According to the International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA), nearly 30 billion plastic cards are produced globally each year.  

“Continuing to rely on plastic for gift card production is almost irresponsible at this point, especially considering their brief lifecycles,” says Julie Brannen, Director of Sustainability Solutions for Monadnock Paper Mills. “There’s a pivotal opportunity here to rethink how we create these products and make a meaningful impact on our environment.”  

More than 70% of gift cards are used and discarded within just six months – quickly becoming part of the estimated 53 million tons of plastic waste that either accumulates in landfills, undergoes incineration, or requires energy-intensive recycling processes. Given that the total capacity of the U.S.’s ten chemical-recycling plants is only 456,000 tons per year, it’s evident there is a drastic shortfall in handling this waste sustainably. 

These facts point to the need for a more sustainable gift card solution – Monadnock Paper Mills has the answer. As the oldest continuously operating paper mill in the U.S., Monadnock has been at the forefront of developing alternative fibers and sustainable paper technologies for over two centuries. Leveraging this deep expertise, Monadnock presents its innovative response to the environmental challenges posed by traditional plastic gift cards: Envi PC 100 Card.  

This flagship ‘Un-Plastic’ product is made entirely from 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled content, offering a solution that functions like plastic without the harmful environmental impact. The Envi PC 100 card is available in calipers ranging from 14 to 28, with the option for Velvet 24 pt. – optimized for HP Indigo presses. In addition to standard features like magnetic stripes, scratch panels, bar codes, and signature panels, these cards can be customized with embossing, foil stamping, and lamination, ensuring brand identity is portrayed while maintaining eco-friendly standards. 

“The market response to our Envi PC 100 Card has been incredibly encouraging,” shares Lisa Taylor, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Monadnock. “The card’s functionality, printability, and durability have shown retailers and consumers alike that gift cards don’t need to be made of plastic. Since the release of our paper card substrate, we’ve increased the PCW content from 0% to 100%, contributing to a total production of more than 10 billion cards to date. As more brands recognize the importance of making eco-conscious choices, we’re expecting to see increased adoption moving forward.”  

The Envi PC 100 Card is manufactured with FSC-certified recycled fiber. This FSC certification provides peace of mind for consumers and supports retailers in demonstrating their commitment to eco-conscious values. 

Recent studies indicate that 77% of consumers are willing to abandon brands that don’t adhere to environmentally friendly practices. By adopting the Envi PC 100 Card, retailers can elevate customer loyalty and contribute to an emerging market trend. As businesses face pressure to adopt sustainable practices, they can offer gift cards that embody eco-friendly principles while still meeting consumer needs for convenience. 

Monadnock’s Envi PC 100 Card is customizable, accommodating a wide array of branding requirements across industries. Retailers partnering with Monadnock can enrich their offerings to align with modern consumer expectations and drive the future of sustainable commerce.   

Visit or contact your Monadnock Paper Mills representative to learn how you can lead the charge toward a more sustainable future in giving.