As inboxes become more cluttered, mailboxes have become prime real estate. In fact, the latest data from the United States Postal Service shows that 73% of all households read their mail daily. Brands can cut through the noise and create memorable and tactile brand experiences by using and investing in technologies that take into account how customers interact with and use mail. 

Through their 2023 Monthly Mailing Promotions, the USPS is encouraging marketers, printers, and mailers to leverage advances in print and finishing technology to improve how consumers interact and engage with mail to drive customer engagement and response rates. Promotions range from using dynamic color and new print techniques to integrating mobile technology. Participants in these monthly promotions are eligible for significant discounts of up to 5%. This can add up to significant savings for big brands. 

One promotion to note is the 2023 Tactile, Sensory, Interactive Promotion which enhances how customers interact and engage with mail through multi-sensory experiences from visual effects, sound, scent, touch, and even taste! 

In 2019, the USPS worked with Temple University to study how effective and influential direct mail is on consumers. Researchers have shown that print tactics make people feel stronger emotions than digital ones. They did this by using neuromarketing techniques, which measure visual attention, emotional connection, and brain activity to find out more about these things. 

Now more than ever, consumers want transparency, and they reward authentic brands with their business. Marketers and printers no longer have to choose between how well direct mail works and how much they care about being sustainable. New improvements in high-quality paper, paper stocks, substrates, finishing techniques, and inks have made it easier, more effective, and more sustainable than ever to connect with people in a meaningful way. 

Astrolite PC 100® Velvet C2S 9PT from Monadnock Paper Mills can help make an experience that is both high-quality and good for the environment. Recently embraced in tech applications, haptics, or the experience of touch, is one of the key benefits of Astrolite PC 100 Velvet C2S. Its surface feels and looks high-end, and the fact that it can be recycled 100% makes sure that both consumers and printers are acting responsibly. Specifying sustainable paper results in positive impacts on trees, energy, air, water, waste, and your bottom line. 

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