Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc., a family-owned manufacturer that delivers high-performance specialty papers for the technical, packaging and printing markets, today announced that Dr. Fuushern Wuu has joined the company as Senior Product Manager in its R&D, Technical Services Department.

Wuu is the author of several patents and has extensive experience with wet-end paper chemistry and specialty coatings. His previous roles include a five-year tenure with SAPPI North America, Inc. as an associate research fellow and ten years with Stora Enso as a senior research engineer. Dr. Wuu holds a Ph.D. in Paper Science and Engineering from State University of New York, Syracuse. His undergraduate B.S. degree is in Forest Products from National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan.

“Due to its size and collaborative spirit Monadnock is able to engineer a diverse range of products in technical and specialty markets,” said Dr. Wuu. “It is that innovative approach to product development that attracted me to the company, and I look forward to applying my own technical expertise and working with the team to create products that lead the market in innovation and quality.”

Monadnock provides a diverse range of technical/specialty products for a wide variety of uses, including high internal bond abrasive backing, tape system components, durable book coverings, sterilizable medical packaging, vacuum filter bag media and polymer-reinforced strippable wall coverings.

“As the paper industry evolves, Monadnock’s future success depends on commercializing products now in development,” said Richard Verney, Chairman and CEO of Monadnock. “With Fuushern’s strong technical education and broad industry experience he is well suited to help us develop and customize new products.”