The Art of Paper

If you know of a project using Monadnock printing or packaging paper and would like to see it featured in an upcoming project showcase‚ send us a message.

Tadd Myers

The Lobstermen of Cranberry Island as seen through the creative lens of award-winning photographer Tadd Myers, lobsters — and those who daily labor to catch them — have never looked better. Beyond capturing the disciplined sinew of the lobstermen’s daily work, the stunning natural beauty of the island and ocean, and the sheer joy of families continuing to live the legacy of their forebears, it’s a project that unites sustainably-minded printing and paper-making companies to ensure that form would indeed follow function.

Ginkgo Bioworks 

This beautiful magazine celebrates biology and the beauty industry. Ginkgo Bioworks explores the science and culture of beauty in this second edition of Grow Magazine printed by Puritan Press. The perfect bound publication features “mind-bending” essays and is filled with glorious and vibrant illustrations from a broad range of writers and artists. As a recipient of Monadnock’s Award of Excellence, we are pleased and proud to share this work with you. 

Made in New Hampshire

Inspired by the Farm Security Administration photography documenting life in America during the Great Depression, the New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists and the New Hampshire Historical Society joined forces to undertake a three-year project to photographically record daily life in the state. ‘New Hampshire Now: A Photographic Diary of Life in the Granite State’ is a truly New Hampshire product: made in New Hampshire by New Hampshire artists, makers, and craftsmen who are valued throughout the United States and around the world for their creativity, authenticity, and technical expertise.  

Planet B

An extinct life-form is discovered on Planet B. This is a sci-fi, fantasy, adventure story, based on a dystopian future world where some children come together to save and restore the planet.

Given the topic of the story, author Ratika van Noord Bhatnagar was adamant that the book couldn’t be printed on virgin or non-FSC certified paper and was delighted to be able to source a 100% post-consumer waste recycled fiber option from Monadnock Paper Mills.