Envision Your Brand on Envi

Monadnock Paper Mills Envi Portfolio offers a broad range of environmentally preferable paper and packaging substrates without sacrificing quality or beauty.

Envi Performance Board Swatchbook

Monadnock’s newest swatchbook will guide you to the perfect alternative fiber for your packaging needs.

We are excited to introduce you to a curated collection of sustainably-advantaged packaging material made with 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled fibers, industrial hemp, reclaimed cotton, and recycled jute for brands looking to extend their sustainability to the shelf. 


Envi Portfolio

The Envi Portfolio offers a comprehensive suite of high-performance, environmentally preferable, wood and alternative fiber-based options for retail and hospitality brands. Achieve balance between performance, aesthetics, environmental profile and economics by specifying Monadnock Envi for your next branding project.

Eco Attributes

Made with the environment in mind, all Monadnock Envi Portfolio products are Forest Stewardship Council Certified and manufactured carbon neutral (VERs) using 100 percent renewable Green-e certified wind powered electricity (RECs) under a third-party certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Our Products & Solutions

Our Envi Portfolio lines are complemented by a broad range of fine printing and technical/specialty products. Have a look: