2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

In a year marked by global challenges, Monadnock Paper Mills has not only persevered but thrived, showing our resilience and commitment to innovation. Request Monadnock’s 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report printed on our eco-friendly and sustainable Monadnock papers here.

Despite facing labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and inflation in 2022, we steadfastly pursued our mission to deliver sustainable fiber-based solutions. As the oldest continuously operating paper mill in the United States, we take pride in our ability to maintain a long-term view, focusing on substantial growth and environmental stewardship that goes beyond the immediate future.

Quarterly results matter; the next quarter-century matters even more.

Throughout 2022, we have continued to push the boundaries of sustainability and environmental responsibility. We achieved a notable increase in our use of post-consumer waste, reduced our waste to landfill significantly, and collaborated on innovative projects that pave the way for a more sustainable industry. Our commitment extends beyond current trends, aiming to create a lasting impact that will benefit not only this generation but also those that follow.


2020 CSR Report is recyclable in the curb-side mix paper bin. Like all of Monadnock’s papers it is manufactured carbon neutral (VERs) using 100 percent renewable Green-e certified wind-powered electricity (RECs).

Build a Better World

You make a difference when you specify our recycled papers. Discover the positive impacts on energy, air, water and waste and create your own Environmental Savings Certificates.