Earth Day is a meaningful moment for us at Monadnock Paper Mills. Given everything that has transpired since last April, today is marked with even extra significance.

We went back and looked at what we were thinking and feeling last year:

“This current crisis will pass, as have all the others that have preceded it. The world we want to bequeath to the next generation will remain. And we remain committed to doing our part to make it the best one possible.”

So, on this Earth Day, we are optimistic about the near-term and the long-term. As the U.S. economy continues to open and businesses begin to rebound, we can enjoy a long-anticipated return to normalcy. It also means that we as a society, with so much day-to-day uncertainty abated, will be able to look with fresh eyes and a new perspective on the entire issue of sustainability.

We continue to see a world of new possibilities where we can make meaningful investments and decisions now so that, indeed, future generations will know we did our part to ensure that a successful and sustainable planet awaits.

At Monadnock, we view “our part” through the lens of making the world’s most sustainable paper and packaging in the most sustainable way with a growing choice of alternative fibers — including industrial hemp, reclaimed coffee bags, and the byproducts of cotton production — in addition to our traditional strengths in PCW fibers and FSC-certified virgin material.

After such a challenging year for our society, it’s a relief to look around — and forward — on behalf of our workforce, our community, our partners, our customers, and our shared world. We remain grateful for the support we’ve been given and the opportunity to continue serving all of our treasured stakeholders.

Happy Earth Day to all. It’s truly a spring awakening. Know hope.

Have you been following us on our Earth Day social media journey? Make your own paper airplanes to celebrate #LovePaper and Earth Day with us. Click here to download instructions, and be sure to share your creations with us on social!