We are drowning in plastic. Did you know that virtually half the plastic ever manufactured has been made in the past 15 years?

This trend has not gone unnoticed by consumers who are becoming increasingly upset at a large number of disposable plastics produced every year. At the epicenter of the plastic debate is your local grocery store.

An average supermarket contains row after row of plastic packaging on their shelves not to mention those plastic bags at the checkout stand.

To be fair, grocery retailers have been quick to reduce or eliminate obvious plastic waste. But much more could be done. Monadnock Paper Mills is working to reduce our plastic dependence at the Grocery store with Envi Portfolio, a line of plastic-replacement products that are paving the way for a more sustainable future for grocery retailers.

In a world that’s demanding less plastic, Monadnock identified a need for a line of high-performance, renewable paper products that were purposefully engineered to replace plastic in grocery stores. The renewable ENVI Paper Gift Card, Channel Strip, and Point-of-Purchase (P-O-P) Signage were conceived with the needs of the industry in mind. Envi replaces the vinyl, plastic, polystyrene, and PVC products often used in grocery retail environments and can bring new life to any grocer’s sustainability mission.

The unavoidable challenge of moisture, particularly in refrigerated grocery sections, has historically prevented grocers from trading out their plastic signage with eco-friendly alternatives. Until now. With the Envi Portfolio line, grocers now have an alternative to plastic that is proven not to gray out or wrinkle over time, even in the coolest and wettest environments.

The perfect balance of sustainability and performance, the Envi Portfolio product line can help grocery retailers close the loop and take the next step towards sustainability:



The Envi Portfolio product line delivers exceptional print fidelity and accurate color reproductions to make your grocery signage pop. Envi also die-cuts cleanly; embosses and foil stamps beautifully; accepts magnetic and signature strips, scratch-offs, and bar codes for gift cards; offers high rigidity/stiffness, and resists edge lift and delamination.


The Envi Portfolio is purposefully engineered with the environment in mind. Forest Stewardship Council™ certified the Envi Portfolio line is manufactured carbon neutral (VERs), using 100 percent renewable Green-e certified wind-powered electricity (RECs), under a third-party certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Waste Stream

Paper is one of the most recycled commodities in the world. Durable alternatives available today make switching over from plastic, vinyl, and polystyrene to paper easy…and the right thing to do. Simplifying the waste stream at the retailer eliminates the proliferation of plastics, and it saves time, resources, and money.

We are excited to share this beautiful collection of print papers with grocers across the country and demonstrate how this innovative product line could fit within the context of your sustainability objectives. To request your free Envi Portfolio samples, click here or call 877.877.2098.