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Strategic Innovation in Coating Technology

February 23, 2016

Monadnock Paper Mills and Michelman Announce Strategic Innovation

Answering the market need for high-performance HP Indigo qualified substrates

Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. (MPM), a family-owned manufacturer that delivers high-performance specialty papers for the technical, packaging and printing markets, today announces new strategic development utilizing Michelman materials. Michelman is a global developer of water-based and functional print receptive coatings. Monadnock has commercialized their next-generation of mill-applied coating solutions to satisfy the increasingly demanding performance standards for HP Indigo qualified print media.

“Our challenge was to develop a high-caliper vellum textured substrate that is compatible with HP Indigo Electroink print technology. Combining Monadnock’s long history of technical/specialty and fine papermaking with Michelman’s new primer coating DigiPrime 1600© has yielded third-party certified, best-performing three-star results for runability, photo-quality ink adhesion and blanket compatibility (>12k impressions) on HP Indigo digital presses,” says Paul Ciccone, Monadnock’s vice president of research and development.

Monadnock Astrolite® Digital+ Cover for HP Indigo 17 point vellum stock is a high-performance paper suitable for premium greeting cards and luxury packaging applications that call for beautiful printing, a luxurious tactile surface and superior fold characteristics. Made with the environment in mind, Astrolite Digital+ is:

  • Forest Stewardship Council certified and carries the FSC Mix label ensuring responsible use of forest resources
  • Manufactured Carbon Neutral (VERs), using renewable electricity (RECs)
  • Manufactured under a certified ISO 14001 environmental management system
  • Fully recyclable in the mix-paper waste bin

“We are happy to see that Monadnock has had success with our latest DigiPrime solution to create a new grade of high performance HP Indigo printable substrates. Michelman’s strategy has always been to expand the range of substrates and improve their performance for digital printing through innovative coatings chemistries.” Jan Denies – Michelman Digital Industry Marketing Manager.

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Using paper containing recycled fiber made carbon neutral with 100% renewable electricity results in the following impact reductions: Congratulations on the reduced environmental footprint of your project! The impact of your paper choice is equivalent to:

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Pounds of solid waste
not produced

Equivalent to: 0.4 garbage trucks of waste

BTUs of energy
not consumed

Equivalent to: powering 2 homes for a year

Pounds of wood saved

Equivalent to: 388 trees still standing

Net pounds of GHG CO2
not produced

Equivalent to: 4 cars
not driven for a year

Gallons of wastewater
not produced

Equivalent to: 0.27 Olympic swimming pools of water

Pounds of carbon emissions
not produced*

Equivalent to: Emissions produced by 15.8 barrels of oil

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