At Monadnock, we pride ourselves as a company with a passion for the environment and ingenuity. Brian Maloy, our Manager of Environmental Services, truly captures this essence. Here’s a look into a day in his life at the mill…

When he’s not heading up the Green Team (more on that later!) or leading the Lunch Club (more on that, too) – Brian’s chief concern is the environmental health of the company and surrounding community. He is responsible for managing Monadnock’s sustainability programs and making sure that the mill’s sustainability and environmental certifications and systems are always running and up to date.

In addition, Brian works with customers, neighbors and colleagues, alike – managing regulatory requests and responding to any concerns they may have. He’s also stays on top of local, state, and federal policy changes, ensuring that Monadnock knows the latest developments and innovations. Outside of the mill, Brian also participates in legislative efforts, trade organizations, and sits on the local river advisory committee.

With all of that, are you surprised he can even make time for lunch, let alone a Lunch Club? Well, it’s not really a club. Over the short period of time that Brian’s been at Monadnock, he’s fostered a healthy sense of camaraderie within the company. Once the lunch room remained somewhat empty, now at noon you’ll find at least 4-5 people gathered talking about their latest challenge or the cost of a new snow blower.


Brian plays an integral role on the Monadnock Green Team, a team dedicated to furthering the environmental imperatives for the mill. Brian heads up the team, comprised of staff across all functional areas of the mill, helping to develop new metrics that report sustainability efforts in a true to life manner and working with his fellow colleagues to capture the benefits of the green campaigns across the whole company. The projects driven by the Green Team bear fruit – with lower environmental impacts and significant cost savings.

We know how Brian spends lunch time, but what about the rest of the day? A typical morning involves a pre-work run at home, before getting to his desk to review supervisor logs for the night shifts and take a look at the mill’s daily water use and wastewater treatment plant numbers and test results. Brian then touches base with Monadnock’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent, Mike Butler, to discuss treatment updates and any issues.

SPFAfter that, he attends the daily morning production meeting to make sure he hears everything that’s going on at the plant, so he can re-prioritize his day as necessary, based on the most pressing environmental issue at hand. If he’s not in a meeting (or having lunch!) then you’ll find Brian working on environmental program tasks such as energy, resource and emissions quantification, tracking, record keeping and reporting – making sure that all the work he oversees echoes Monadnock’s dedication to the environment.

What makes Brian such an incredible asset to Monadnock? One word sums it up: experience. Brian joined Monadnock over a year ago, bringing impressive industry expertise from his background in industrial Wastewater Treatment in the paper industry. If you ask him, (and we did), he’ll explain that this field was something that “just clicked” for him. His vast knowledge of Wastewater Treatment, coupled with his passion for developing environmental programs for paper companies make him an unparalleled expert in the field. The most rewarding part of his job is the fact that he can bring his expertise to a company that is known for their longstanding commitment and success with sustainability and environmental compliance.

What we described as his deep industry experience, Brian calls “getting to be an old dog,” however, he’s certainly learning “new tricks” (again, his own words) at Monadnock. We asked him what new tricks he’s enjoyed the most and he explained that the mill has introduced him to new and challenging responsibilities within the realm of Environmental stewardship, compliance and sustainability. For example, being part of a FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) re-licensing process for a “30-year” license renewal for Monadnock’s hydro generation project on the Contoocook River.

We are so thrilled to have Brian on the Monadnock team – as he puts it, Monadnock “walks the talk” when it comes to a genuine commitment from the top down to environmental compliance and focus on sustainability. And, after you’ve taken a peek into a day in Brian’s life, then it’s clear we are all walking the walk together (and hoping to learn some “new tricks,” too!).