Single Image

As social media and online marketing continue to fill the inboxes and browsers of consumers, companies are recognizing that print communications have never been more valuable.  Design firms, agencies and premium printers are helping enlightened corporations and nonprofits succeed through well-crafted and highly-targeted print campaigns.

Single Image, a cornerstone of Monadnock’s  effort to demonstrate the value of print, is a journal printed  on Monadnock Astrolite  showing well executed marketing campaigns crafted by top designers and photographers.  The first edition of SI offers several case studies, as well as insights from David Van de Water of Artifact and  Leslie Smolan of Carbone Smolan.

We believe the tactile appeal and enduring reader engagement of print materials are more valuable than ever for marketers.  We hope you agree. Request your copy of Single Image here.

Complementing this campaign is a new blog – Design+Print=Impact – created to promote the use of print through a social community of advocates and practitioners. Inside you will find case studies, technical information and articles of interest by industry leaders. Our intent is to bring design and marketing professionals together to share knowledge, experience and examples of best practices with up and coming talent. Register to become part of this exciting new community and contribute to the conversation –