Who can measure the power of an instantly recognizable brand?

Imagine all of the opportunities a consumer has to interact with your brand on a daily basis this summer, whether it be on a trip to the mall, a visit to a museum or at home receiving a catalog in the mail. Every interaction a consumer has with your brand matters, and it is important that quality is presented at all times. In order to represent that brand, financial institutions, universities, retail brands, museums and more continue to stick with print. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the Printing industries of America, 67% of respondents feel that mail is more personal than the internet.

Therefore, in order to maintain the quality of a brand, paper must not be an afterthought – it is an inseparable part of the whole – a design element just as message, color, typeface, layout and image. The permanence and archival quality of paper are important considerations for publishers and institutions who feel a responsibility to preserve their legacy for future generations. If a story is important enough to capture in print, it certainly is important enough to be preserved for future generations.

Print quality requires attention to detail from start to finish. Decisions made planning the job, selecting photos, retouching and correcting color files, conducting press approvals etc., all combine to make or break the final result.  Here you’ll find a checklist to keep you on track.ChecklistButtonWith a comprehensive line of sustainably manufactured graphic arts printing papers, Monadnock offers integrity and consistency in the presentation of your respected brand. All Monadnock Papers are formulated for superior performance on press. No other premium uncoated papers can surpass the printability, consistency and the archival longevity that Monadnock Papers deliver.

Whether its corporate collateral, view books, product brochures or fine art reproduction, quality does matter.