Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc., a family-owned manufacturer of technical/specialty and premium printing and packaging papers, has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a recipient of a 2013 Environmental Merit Awards for the company’s significant contributions to environmental awareness and problem solving.

Bestowed annually by the EPA since 1970, the Environmental Merit Awards recognize individuals and organizations whose work has protected or improved the environment in distinct ways. A winner in the Business, Industry, Trade or Professional category for the State of New Hampshire, Monadnock Paper Mills has been highlighted for the following achievements:

  • All of Monadnock’s reclaimed short paper fiber – a byproduct of the papermaking process – is reused for animal bedding and compost. Recycling has cut the company’s landfill waste by more than 600,000 pounds a year.
  • Monadnock’s energy savings projects have saved the company more than a million kilowatt hours a year of power.
  • Monadnock generates up to half of its renewable energy through waterpower and is actively seeking to expand this resource. The company uses groundwater for processing of papers and it boasts an on-site water conservation team.
  • Monadnock truckers are committed to burning cleaner diesel fuels and practicing anti-idling polices. The company also makes sure its raw materials come from responsible sources.

“Developing sustainable and environmentally-conscious business practices has been a priority for Monadnock for decades – long before environmentalism became fashionable,” said Monadnock Paper Mills Environmental Programs Manager, Michelle Hamm. “We are honored the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recognized us as an organization committed to proactively taking responsibility for its environmental impact.”