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Monadnock Expands Envi Card Offering

November 16, 2015

Building upon already successful offering of sustainable PVC alternatives for gift cards to continue to meet the ever-evolving needs of brand owners looking for eco-friendly alternatives

Bennington, N.H. – November 16, 2015 Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. (MPM), a family-owned manufacturer that delivers high-performance specialty papers for the technical, packaging and printing markets, today announced that their popular Envi Card, of which there are already two billion in the marketplace, is now available in a broader range of thickness. The sustainable paper gift card will now be available in 28, 24, 21, 18, 14 and 12 point calipers that are optimized for many print engines and card configurations including CR80 and M6.

Envi Card offers many unique print and post-print embellishments not available on plastic cards, and accepts magnetic stripes, RFID, scratch and signature panels, holograms and embossing. Beyond those capabilities, the expanded offering will enable brands to craft a well-coordinated card and carrier package that will stand out in crowded gift card malls.

The Envi paper gift card has been engineered to meet all of the demanding performance requirements for gift cards while replacing PVC with renewable and recyclable, responsibly-sourced wood fiber. Envi Card is Forest Stewardship Council Certified and made carbon neutral using renewable electricity under a certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

“Our goal is to empower brand owners to find new ways to innovate their gift card programs for the benefit of consumers,” said Jim O’Rourke, senior manager, Monadnock Paper Mills. “This expanded offering is an example of our continuing efforts to meet the needs of retailers looking to live up to their corporate social responsibility standards and to enhance brand loyalty among eco-conscious consumers.”

Consumers are increasingly seeking brands that demonstrate corporate social responsibility. A greener gift card program is an opportunity to significantly reduce environmental impacts, as 93% of U.S. consumers purchase or receive a gift card annually according to

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Using paper containing recycled fiber made carbon neutral with 100% renewable electricity results in the following impact reductions: Congratulations on the reduced environmental footprint of your project! The impact of your paper choice is equivalent to:

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Pounds of solid waste
not produced

Equivalent to: 0.4 garbage trucks of waste

BTUs of energy
not consumed

Equivalent to: powering 2 homes for a year

Pounds of wood saved

Equivalent to: 388 trees still standing

Net pounds of GHG CO2
not produced

Equivalent to: 4 cars
not driven for a year

Gallons of wastewater
not produced

Equivalent to: 0.27 Olympic swimming pools of water

Pounds of carbon emissions
not produced*

Equivalent to: Emissions produced by 15.8 barrels of oil

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