Hallmarks of Monadnock products are quality and consistency. That’s where Rich Beahm, Monadnock Quality Manager, comes in…to make sure that every roll off the paper machine and coater meets the customers’ standards and works within their process.

Rich has worked for Monadnock Paper Mills for 21 years in roles of increasing responsibility. All in all, he has 24 years of papermaking experience.

Armed with spectrophotomers and lots of other cool lab equipment, Rich and his team ensure that products fall within acceptable specification parameters.

Often, disposition requires a certain understanding of the customer’s operation. Rich has familiarized himself with a very broad range of manufacturing and printing processes and has visited many of our customers facilities to learn as much as he can about their equipment and chemistry.

What education prepared you for your role in papermaking:

I have a degree in chemical engineering – that came in useful working with printers.

Early in my career I worked with a lot printers across the country – that represented a large part of Monadnock’s business at the time – fine printing of annual reports and brochures. I’d go on press and help troubleshoot issues with print quality or post-press processes. It sure helped to understand printing to identify exactly what was going on.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned at Monadnock:

I’ve learned to listen. I used to travel with sales reps to customers. Because of the complex nature of some business relationships with multiple parties, I learned that it’s important to listen and provide counsel when it’s requested.

What’s your favorite part of your job:

I think I’m most effective at my job when I can get to the customer and see firsthand how our products are being used. And meet my counterparts face to face. I have developed a certain trust with our long-standing customers and believe that it provides a solid foundation for our overall relationship. I can pick up the phone and they’ll answer “hi Rich” – always willing to take my call.

How do you start your average day:

I always take the time to say hello to everyone on the manufacturing floor and in the lab. As important as our customer relationships are, I recognize how far a smile and howdy can get you through the day.
As I look around Rich’s office, I see a collection of black binders, the requisite ear and eye protection. I also see his wall of pride – all the race numbers he’s collected over the past few years for 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons. His wife Cathy keeps him motivated in that department.

What do you do in your spare time:

I love to garden. I’m usually up until 11:30 blanching peas. I think it’s time to scale back the growing.

I imagine when Rich gets home his family and his garden take up most of his time and attention. And when he’s at work, there’s usually a line forming in front of his door. Fortunately the plants in Rich’s office don’t require a lot of affection!