As you would imagine, we are big fans of Earth Day here at Monadnock. For us, it’s really akin to attending a family reunion. We know all year that we have family members who we love (and sometimes love to fight with), worry about, and take care of day-to-day. But once a year it’s wonderful to take a thoughtful pause and celebrate our families, what they mean to us, and why they are so important.

That’s Earth Day for us. We are so busily, happily enmeshed in the everyday business of crafting sustainably-advantaged and beautiful performance, fine paper and packaging papers — and are fortunate to work and collaborate with hundreds of brands, distributors, designers, and converters who are committed to sustainable practices and products — that we don’t often take the time to reflect. And to celebrate.

This year, of all our 200 years, in particular. Think about that for a moment. Our company has resiliently weathered two American centuries filled with promise, growth, opportunity and, sadly, wars, economic downturns, and, now, this global pandemic. And we’ve been innovating our way to a more sustainable future the whole time.

While it might seem counter intuitive to celebrate Earth Day we’d argue the contrary: It’s more important than ever. Just as struggling through COVID-19 makes us more aware of how important our families and friends are, likewise is the recognition that this big world of ours can seem pretty small and very interconnected as we face this challenge together.

This current crisis will pass, as have all the others that have preceded it. The world we want to bequeath to the next generation will remain. And we remain committed to doing our part to make it the best one possible.

So on Earth Day we pause and celebrate. Then our work family will get back to doing what we do best: living up to the ideals of Earth Day every day in the products we make and how we make them.

For our families…and yours. Together we can build a better world – won’t you join us?