The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970. Here at Monadnock Paper Mills, we are moving the needle on our impact goals. We’ve been making paper and packaging for more than 200 years and we craft authentically sustainable products for brands worldwide.

There’s always more work to be done. It requires continuous investment, innovation, and a dedication to our people and the larger global community. It’s a journey we celebrate in 2022. The past two years have taught us how interconnected our communities are. Responsibilities and risks are shared across the board and doing our part is the least we can do.

The world’s understanding of sustainability and its scope have broadened since the very first Earth Day 52 years ago. Sustainability has evolved from niche to nice-to-have, to table stakes across all industries and markets. The causes are many: rising consumer demand for more sustainable products, companies looking to get ahead of anticipated regulatory changes, and new processes and products across complex supply chains that generate concurrent cost savings and environmental benefits.

One way we continue to invest in our planet is broadening our use of alternative fibers — including industrial hemp, jute from reclaimed coffee bags, and the byproducts of cotton production. Like the products we make with FSC® Certified post-consumer waste recycled and virgin wood fiber, the alternative fiber products are manufactured carbon neutral (VERs) using 100 percent renewable Green-e® certified wind-powered electricity (RECs) under a third-party certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.


Hemp is an exceptionally strong agricultural fiber that has been used in papermaking for centuries. Monadnock’s Hemp Envi® line is made of industry-leading 30% hemp fiber and 70% PCW recycled fiber and offers a premium alternative to commodity board. As a result of our rigorous product testing and ongoing work with converters and printers, we are committed to providing the highest hemp content level without compromising quality – making the new line a more sustainable drop-in replacement for traditional materials.


Cotton is a strong and stable fiber that doesn’t fade, discolor, or deteriorate over time and is widely used in fine art/archival applications, currency and passports. Cotton linters, known colloquially as cotton fuzz, are the final, cellulose-rich byproduct of the cottonseed refining process. Monadnock uses 100% cotton linters to produce paper and paper-based packaging for a wide range of high-end applications.


For brands looking to amplify their sustainability bonafides, Monadnock’s Kona® Envi line is literally in the bag. Derived from used burlap coffee bean bags, Monadnock is helping to divert some of the estimated 25 million bags discarded every year to supply brands and specifiers with unique, differentiated materials. Available in earthy shades, its natural aesthetic is increasingly sought after by eco-forward brands and organizations for their packaging needs.

More Celebrations to Come

Alternative fibers are only one small area in which we continue to invest. We believe and live by the precept that every material innovation and process improvement is a cause for celebration. Sustainability victories are hard-fought. In the parlance of a long-ago presidential candidate, we see ourselves and our people as Happy Warriors in the everyday battle to make our communities and our world a better place.

So, on this Earth Day, we take a pause to celebrate. And tomorrow we get back to our joyous work.