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Moving Ahead with Advanced Fibers from Monadnock Non-Wovens

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Moving Ahead with Advanced Fibers

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Monadnock Non-Wovens LLC announces the commercialization and availability of Advanced Polypropylene melt blown fibers from a new family of processes it has been perfecting for two years. These non-woven fibers have been independently tested to be between 15-25% finer than previously available. Converters use the roll goods to produce air and liquid filters, face masks, vacuum bags and other barriers to contamination that require a combination of particle retention while allowing air or liquid to flow easily.


“The expected benefit is that finer fibers give better filtration performance, typically lower pressure drop and higher void volumes which translate to lower filtration costs,” says Rowland Griffin, director of filtration technology at Monadnock. “This will allow users to improve existing products and possibly reduce costs for similar performance.”


A 25% reduction in fiber diameter has an even greater effect on the surface area. The effective surface area is critical when considering common enhanced surface treatments such as electrostatic enhancements or the effect of additives. In this way the benefits of the finer fiber can be compounded and become even more profound.


Further process developments are planned to take advantage of the in-house Monadnock calendering capability. This presents new opportunities for media development to defined customer or market need as precisely defined “bubble points” are produced with less compression and heat which can reduce stress on the media making it softer and potentially easier to handle or pleat.