Monadnock Paper Mills

Special Applications

ISO9001 Certified


 Fine Fiber
 Coarse Fiber
 Slit rolls to 6-12 inch
 Slit widths 12-72 inch
 Colored Media
 Special Additives
 Electrostatically Charged Media
 SM or SMS Media
 Wettable Materials
 Anti-microbial meltblown
 High Loft up to 2 inch (50mm)
 Odor Removal
 Composites: glued, sonic welded, collated, crimped
 Combined Technologies Paper/Melt Blown
 Highly Inert Web Media / Halar Meltblown
 Toll Converting
 Pilot to Production transitions
 Media development to specification


Special Applications

High quality manufacturer with 25 years of technical experience in meltblown non-woven materials for OEM and multiple use applications. Manufacturer of roll or flat media including calendered composites of spunbond, meltblown and paper to customer specifications.